Sonic Branding

We are passionate about, and specialise in, exploring and creating the unique sound of a brand. We believe every brand should have access to the power that sound can bring.

Either for an agency led campaign or for a deeper, longer-term brand context, we have honed our skills over the last three years in order to provide an industry leading service.

In 2023 we were proud to share our largest scale sonic branding work to date, a full sonic identity rebrand for TNT Sports in collaboration with the wonderful @molecular.sound. Rethinking the sound of the entire brand, we positioned ourselves right by the fans and recorded what we heard. The soundscape of the sport is embedded into the fabric of our music.

From recording serves at Wimbledon, tires on tarmac at the Tour De France, cheers as Wrexham saved the penalty, to swings and misses in the boxing ring. Pairing this with recording the music at the great @abbeyroadstudios, our aim was to fill the sonic brand with the love and passion that is palpably heard in sport.

Sonicbrand / Marantz

Marantz Background

WBD / TNT Sports

TNT Sports Splash 3

Direct to Brand / Listen

Thisislisten logo

Sonicbrand / Phonak

Phonak Hearing Aids Splash 2

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