Never has there been more of a need for television soundtracks to stand out, to grab attention and to serve the desired purpose of the teams producing them. Without a doubt the best way to achieve this is to work closely with a music team who can help intepret musical thoughts into a brief and that brief into a consistent, story led soundtrack.

Over seven years experience has given us a firm foundation in threading narrative together using sound. We work closely with Directors and Editors to develop their brief and explore what will make their stories really stand out.

Working with critically acclaimed, and award winning, directors and editors, our recent work includes “Yorkshire Midwives On Call” (BBC Two), “A Day In The Life of Coronavirus” (Channel 4) and “Powering Britain” (BBC One).

Candour / Will Featherby and 16 String Players / BBC: Yorkshire Midwives On Call

Yorkshire Born Strings

Candour / Benjamin, William, Olivia and Kezia / BBC: Yorkshire Midwives On Call

Yorkshire Born

Candour / Sally Ogden / Peter, William, Kamal and Benjamin / Dispatches: The Truth About Long Covid

72027 1 S1 Ep1 The Truth About Long Covid Dispatches 1

Powering Britain / Nicola Addyman & Paul Greenan / BBC / Peter, William and Kamal

Powering Britain

Candour / Anna Hall / Peter, William and Benjamin / The Family Secret

The Family Secret

Candour / Anna Hall / Peter, William, Kamal and Benjamin / Behind Closed Doors

Behind Closed Doors

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